Robin Sverd is a multi talented energy bomb from Oslo, Norway. A legend in the improvisational theatre scene and Kaospilot from Team 18, Robin seeks to provoke play, wonder, curiosity and laughter in everyone he meets and the projects he is involved with.

In between working the Oslo nightlife and being an Indian Chief for children at Ski-Foreningen, he works as a TEDxOslo Co-ordinator, activist at the Emma Sofia organisation and designer at OsloJam, on top of founding his creative process project known as BLOOM.

Robin will host a workshop on using creativity and improvisation as tools to spark wonder and amazement within yourself and the ones around you.

"This workshop, the aim is not to teach you how to become improv theatre performers; it’s to teach you how to borrow and apply the principles, skills and mindset of improvisation so you get better at leadership, teamwork, communication, trust, creativity, dealing with change, complexity and unpredictability"
- Robin Sverd