Axel Flóvent is a musician hailing from the northern fishing village of Húsavík. His music can be described as modern folk music. At its core its acoustic and low key but bears obvious influences from other forms of music such as indie rock, pop and electronic music. Keeping in the vein of modern folk singers Axel has been active writing and recording his own songs and has a numerous online releases available.

Scarcity and Abundance - A string of aha moments (DK)

Scarcity and Abundance - A string of aha moments (Nynne Nørgaard - Denmark)

Why do students and executives mismanage their time so much?
Why are sugarcane farmers smarter after harvest than before? 

But Nynne in fact knows the answer, and it is scarcity! 

Nynne Nørgaard will be hosting a workshop on "Scarcity and Abundance - A string of aha moments". Where she will host a workshop on exploring how scarcity steals our mental capacity and how to use it to bring our problems of modern life into focus. By using this mindset she will begin to look at the other side of coin where the abundant mindset lies! Olala

Nynne is an Kaospilot from Switzerland, entrepreneur, certified coach, professional trainer and process consultant. She is fascinated by exploring and understanding individuals, groups, languages and cultures in all levels and aspects. How do they function? How do they not function? Why is that? Her aim is to support people in being the best as they can be – as individuals and as groups, in their private sphere and in their work life?


Join us for the RECEPTION to celebrate, connect and be part of our 25th anniversary! 

25 years ago the first kaospilots joined our school in the backyard of Mejlgade. Now, many projects, exams and parties later, we would like to meet up with everyone who has been part of the journey. Of course, we also want to welcome new ones who would like to take part in the next phase of our expedition.

Where to next? Current and Future State of Entrepreneurship

Where to next? Current and Future State of Entrepreneurship (Pernille Berg - Denmark)

It may be easy to characterise the current and future state of entrepreneurship through a myriad of buzzwords. But on a different note it may be fruitful to look at the current and future state of entrepreneurship by addressing the so-called mega trends and potential disruptions currently identified on a global scale.

This talk will attempt to address the current and future state of entrepreneurship through the lenses of what may be perceived as megatrends and potential disruptions. What does this mean when it comes to entrepreneurship and why is it meaningful to raise the voice of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a drug to some, a curse to others and an unknown state of affairs to others again. However, entrepreneurship is much more than the above, entrepreneurship can be a way of life, a state of mind and an enactment. It is part of life and therefore worthy of our interest and curiosity; how do we want to shape the current and future state of entrepreneurship? This talk will address these issues.

Pernille Berg is Head of Research, Analysis & Higher Education at the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, board member of Kaospilots and an experienced entrepreneurship researcher and educator. Passionate about education, the need and importance of education and even more so entrepreneurship education


A new approach to digital, culture and people (SE)

A new approach to digital, culture and people (Mick Cordero & Måns Adler - SE) 

ustwo share their story on how the right approach to digital, culture and people is the stepping stone toward becoming one of the worlds best leading digital product studios. ustwo is a global digital product studio dreaming and doing transformative client, own product and venture work. Their goal is simply the best work environment, with a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Whether doing innovative work for clients, bringing own ideas to award-winning life, or launching disruptive new businesses, ustwo has never done normal. Over the last 12 years they have grown, and there are now four unique ustwo studios around the world – in London, New York, Malmö and Sydney.


Mick Cordero is Head of Business at ustwo, leading the studios commercial activities as well as drives strategy and direction for the Nordics studio. He has a background as a Kaospilot, entrepreneur, facilitator and leadership consultant. 

Måns Adler is the Tech Director at ustwo Nordics, former Kaospilot and founder of Loves his job and is a true believer in digital. 

Get the Moves to Move On (SE)

Get the Moves to Move On: Harvesting Experiences & Learnings (Tora Sefeldt Weltzer - Sweden)

Two days of input, conversations, entertainment and experiences. What to do with it all and how to bring it with you “home”?

Tora Sefeldt Weltzer will offer a session around harvesting experiences and learning. The workshop will include tools and tips, but also focus on what you, the participants, have gathered of impressions over the last two days, creating a space for digestion, and maybe some pathways to emerging clarity.

Get ready to interact, share, talk and listen, all in order to wrap up your festival experience – just in time for the KAOSPILOT anniversary reception.

Patterns of Creativity (DK)

Patterns of Creativity (Theodor Klostergaard - Denmark)

Just as we need to solve the known problems of today, we need to practice the underlying skills for handling the unknown problems of tomorrow. The more curious people are, the less petrified minds will run the world over the cliff. Even though unbridled curiosity has its dangers too

Creativity is not just a gift for the lucky few - it is a skill that can be practiced and improved. In this workshop we will use the art of crafting creative ads as a means to explore the mechanics of being creative. You will get a hands-on opportunity to see the elegance of patterns in problem solving. There will be laughter, dead-ends, and perhaps glimmers of inspiration.

Living Social Innovation (NL)

Living Social Innovation: Labs for bottom-up and top-down city making (Thieu Besselink - Netherlands)

Its no doubt that wonder and curiosity are part of the human code. We constantly explore and reinvent the world around us. But do we thrive in this constant change? Do we move closer or further away from serving the human needs?

We are happy to announce Thieu Besselink to the Agenda! Through a workshop, he will be diving into social change labs and how to create them from human needs through local initiatives!

Thieu is building a lab for social economic change in the Netherlands to create an "open city of value and shared ownership", based on the cooperation between local cooperatives and citizen initiatives on the one hand and the government and business on the other.

Thieu Besselink is founder of the Learning Lab and urban sociologist. He develops small and large scale labs for social innovation in education, organisational redesign, and city development. He is also currently curating the Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning on in Amsterdam (

5 years in Silicon Valley (NO/US)

5 years in Silicon Valley: a KaosPilot approach to change how things are made (Espen Sivertsen - Norway / USA)

Additive Manufacturing is changing the way we build, store and consume goods. It will change the way we do business, and has wide reaching social, political and environmental consequences.

This talk will take us 5 years into the past and 10 years into the future to explore a KaosPilot graduate's approach to building a leading multi million dollar Additive Manufacturing company, the world's largest 3D printing ecosystem under one roof, and a sustainable technology solution to change how things are made, shipped and used.

Espen Sivertsen is CEO of Type A Machines, a California company transforming the additive manufacturing industry. Type A Machines offers the first of its kind, parallel-production 3D printing solution—a hardware/software solution that scales to bridge the gap between prototyping and million part production. Espen has previously served as Team Leader with the KaosPilots, a Scandinavian school of entrepreneurship described by Fast Company as the “new curriculum for managing change". Prior to this, Espen worked as Head of Demolab at Innovation Lab, an international knowledge center for new technologies and trends. When not at work, Espen can be found digging planter holes in the garden under his wife's ardent supervision, or playing frisbee golf in Golden Gate park (using 3D printed frisbees of course).







Radical Rethinking of the Museum Experience (DK)

Radical Rethinking of the Museum Experience (Marianne Grymer Bargeman - Denmark)

Whats is the future of museums? well Art is social and ARoS Public is radically rethinking the museum experience. Marianne Grymer Bargeman, Director of Learning and Interpretation at ARoS Art Museum, will host a talk exploring the future of the museum experience and the new approach to open studios, salons, and immersive activities at museums, using ARoS as her story

In October 2016, ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark will unveil ARoS Public, a radical rethinking of the museum experience. Occupying the entire third floor of the museum, the space will offer a new approach to open studios, salons, and three immersive activities designed by Local Projects in New York. The reinvention builds upon a clear strategy—that the museum exists first and foremost to incite unique, memorable, provocative conversations among visitors. ARoS Public challenges the traditional belief that art is important whether the audience is there or not. With ARoS Public, we declare that art is for all people and is most valuable when it catalyzes new forms of social interaction.

Rather than artwork being simply static objects to be gazed upon, ARoS Public uses technology to put works in the collection in the hands of visitors, prompting new forms of expression and creation from visitors. These experiences were designed to be both playful and insightful, showing that adults can have smart fun.

Marianne Grymer Bargeman is also a member of the KaosPilot board, author of children’s books and external examiner at Communications and Performance Design at Roskilde University (RUC). 

Engaging Experiences (USA / DK)

Engaging Experiences: Driving participation with Kaospilot Experience Design (Andy Sontag and Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen - USA / DENMARK)

 Kaospilot Experience Design will be hosting a workshop at Agenda!

Andy Sontag and Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen will be hosting a space where they will show the holistic framework for creating new powerful experiences. Bridging a user involvement approach and a process for meaningfully engaging organizations in new innovation, they will demonstrate how to create unique drivers for participation and engagement in innovation processes! Along the way they will open the toolbox from inside the Kaospilot Experience Design course and play with the competencies of the Experience Designer.

About the facilitators:
Andy Sontag, from the US, is a Kaospilot Alumni from Team 18.
An independent experience design and innovation consultant. Bridging the worlds of design and organizational change through consultancy and teaching professionals about experience design around Europe. Has had the pleasure of being with the Kaospilot Experience Design since the courses inception.

Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen, is a Danish Kaospilot from Team 3. He is programme director of Kaospilot Experience Design. He is partner in Oslo - designing innovation processes from a perspective of co-creation, service & experience design.
In October Niels is releasing his and co-writer, Arvid Axlands ( new swedish book about Experience Design: Jakten på känslan - konsten att skapa meningsfulla upplevelser. In english: Hunting for emotion - the art of creating meaningful experiences


MEASURING WHAT MATTERS (Mick Cordero & Zofi Holgerson - Sweden)

Ustwo Nordics invites you to a masterclass where we will explore the why, what and how of measuring success beyond money. What are the drivers that keeps your business going forward and how are you able to identify them with your team? Is it possible setting projects and products up for success by other kinds of measurements than the usual ones? Does that motivate and liberate creativity within the team? Can it lead to better collaborations and expectation management? This is our belief and experience. We’ll share our stories and invite you to explore what it means to you in your specific context.     


Zofi Holgerson is a Team Coach, Learning designer and facilitator at ustwo Nordics. She designs and leads collaborative processes with big international brands as well as smaller companies. 

Mick Cordero is Head of Business at ustwo, leading the studios commercial activities as well as drives strategy and direction for the Nordics studio. He has a background as a Kaospilot, entrepreneur, facilitator and leadership consultant. 

Sharing Wonder (UK)

Sharing Wonder: Sustaining knowledge through workshops and talk (Alastair Somerville - England)

Alastair Somerville will be flying in all the way from the UK to host a workshop on "Sharing Wonder: Sustaining knowledge through workshops and talks"

In order to create a sustainable knowledge-based society, we also need to learn how to show and tell. This 2 hour workshop is about sharing practical knowledge on how to write a talk and how to structure a workshop. It provides a few simple frameworks that can be used immediately to tell a story, present a 40 minute talk and facilitate a 1 and 1/2 hour workshop.

Alastair Somerville is a Sensory Design Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. He provides specialist advice on cognition and user centered design to companies, like Ustwo, who provide physical and digital products and services. He facilitates workshops on sensory and emotional design for wearables and the Internet of Things for corporations, including Google, and major conferences, including SouthBy Southwest (SxSW), UX Week and O'Reilly Design.

A Chat About Life (US)

A Chat About Life: The Choreography and Discipline of Injecting Art & Culture into Your World (Andy Stefanovich - USA)

This talk is a talk about Life. The idea of injecting and inserting more life into your own life and your organizations life.  It's about the choreography and disciple of art and culture into your world as a source of inspiration and reflection. It's about seeing, connecting, sensing, and creating.  

Why now?  We are inundated with technology, pressures and trying to compete in commoditized categories.  It's about differentiation, relevance and impact. Its about putting more life in your life.  

Andy has earned a reputation as one of the most disruptive and effective advisors in business. He is a thought leader and thinking partner to executives and their most critical ideas.

Driving growth and change for Fortune 50 leaders, mid-cap companies, and adventurous entrepreneurs, Andy’s dramatic results can be seen everywhere. He has provided strategy for the leadership of companies such as GE, Disney, Gap, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Bass Pro, Equifax, and Hilton. With equal passion and rigor, Andy provides his expertise to socially-conscious start-ups that positively impact our world.

His book, “Look at More: A Proven Approach to Innovation, Growth and Change”, was a Washington Post bestseller and cited by Advertising Agency as a “top ten marketing book” must read.

Andy truly forces executives to look at more, gain a different perspective, lead an inspired life, generate ideas, purposefully disrupt conventional patterns, and ultimately, drive innovation forward.

The intersection between art, design and technology (DK)

 The intersection between art, design and technology (Kaave Pour - Denmark)

Its no doubt that technology and design have moved society in ways we would have never imagined. We are almost infinitely presented with new ideas, solutions and ways of interacting with the world around us that what is new today almost becomes old news tomorrow. But how do we know when we are moving in the right direction? how do we embrace the old and build the new with true meaning?

Kaave Pour from Space10 will help us explore the cross pollination of art, design and technology! Kaave will take us through the world of Space10 – IKEA’s new future living lab – and how they aim to build a global community by designing an interface for innovation. The talk will tap into why we can’t just ask where new technologies will take us or what they will do for us. We need to also consider who we are becoming as we use them, in order to make them truly meaningful. Combined with examples from around the world, Kaave will share his thoughts on how we can attempt to see new patterns, where others see chaos by working in the intersection of art, design and technology

Kaave Pour is a 26 year old award winning creative and cultural entrepreneur, who started his first company at the age of 14. He currently oversees the position as Creative Director for Space10, IKEA’s new future living lab and is also the man behind Trailerpark I/O, a new event where thousands of Scandinavians meet to explore the intersection between art, design and technology in the heart of Copenhagen. Kaave is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer, sharing his thoughts and experiences about innovation and design with global brands and universities, promoting a curious, open and playful approach to doing business tomorrow.

Co-Creation For Education (CH)

Co-Creation For Education: The hidden potential for growTH (MATTHIAS STRAUB-FISCHER - SWITZERLAND)

Are paradigm shifts happening more than ever?
We think so..

And Matti Straub-fischer sees one of the biggest shifts happening right now is within education and adult learning. Particularly within the professional context! and he's on a mission to move us from Pyramids of Power to eye-level communication and promoting interaction for collaborative learning environments, active studentship and entrepreneurship!

And guess what!?
We get the awesome opportunity to have Matti on the agenda for 2016. He will be hosting both a workshop and a talk!

Matti is the the headmaster from the KaosPilots school in Bern
and is CEO of Changels. He's a coached and trained over 15,000 leaders and entrepreneurs. He works within leadership culture, organisational development and change. He is also an international community builder, a Council Guide, a talent scout and a commercial helicopter pilot!!

Rebel Food - Food Trucks

Rebel Food - Food Trucks (Frederick Aske Sønksen - Denmark)

Frederick Aske Sønksen, Kaospilot and founder Rebel Food will bring together the best street food operators from Copenhagen and serve gourmet street food, and experiences to the people of Agenda Festival!

Yggdrasil: Tree of Wonder (IS & SA)

Yggdrasil: Tree of Wonder (Agust Örn Helgason and Nix Davies - Iceland / South Africa)

Can you build wonder? If so, how would it look?

Well Agust Örn Helgason and Nix Davies are going to build something that sparks a world of wonder and curiosity for Agenda Festival 2016. They are from Dream Yggdrasil, an international organisation that design and build large scale experiential art. This particular piece, Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that according to the saga connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.

This piece is a seed for a larger project being built in South Africa.

Athletic Progression (DK)

Athletic Progression (Ole Koefoed Larsen <-> Justo Gambula <-> Jonas Cook <-> Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen <-> + Guest features - DENMARK)

Athletic Progression plays atmospheric jazz-hop that lets the listener linger, but also makes you move while nodding along to groovy beats.

The instrumental group, Athletic Progression consists of four young people from Aarhus that embraces the jazz, soul and rhythm of hip hop. By mixing these elements they create a sound with many facets, but with a generally relaxed feel and a playful approach where rhythm and atmospheric harmonies merges.

The boys gets alot of their inspiration from the nineties Neo Soul and the American producer J Dilla, where especially the latter's musical style is a landmark.

An extra dimension to the groups expression is added by MC’s and singers, creating a soulful and groovy universe, that belongs as much to Aarhus as to Detroit.

Sharing Creative Works Without Losing Them (DK)

Sharing Creative Works Without Losing Them: Have Your Cake and Eat It To (Siri Reiter /Jonas Smedegaard - Denmark)

Any society is held together by rules - whether written down or not. Acknowledging the rules you live by - respect and want others to respect - is crucial for a thriving society.

We love that others share - so that we can profit from their works. Exploit thoughts of others. Bypass failures they went through. Get even better ideas ourselves.

This is talk will highlight how to pick the "correct" license for your work? Plenty of guides exist you can follow, and lawyers up for hire, but what do  you  want? Ethics and visions is one thing, another is how to approach this concretely in each case.

Siri Reiter is a graphics designer using Libre graphics tools for 10+ years. Jonas Smedegaard - better known as dr. Jones - is an idealist and internet architect - and creator and developer of Homebase, the computer system at the Kaospilot school. Together they are Couchdesign, exploring sustainable design and technology from their big, red couch in the island of Orø, Denmark.