Co-Creation For Education: The hidden potential for growTH (MATTHIAS STRAUB-FISCHER - SWITZERLAND)

Are paradigm shifts happening more than ever?
We think so..

And Matti Straub-fischer sees one of the biggest shifts happening right now is within education and adult learning. Particularly within the professional context! and he's on a mission to move us from Pyramids of Power to eye-level communication and promoting interaction for collaborative learning environments, active studentship and entrepreneurship!

And guess what!?
We get the awesome opportunity to have Matti on the agenda for 2016. He will be hosting both a workshop and a talk!

Matti is the the headmaster from the KaosPilots school in Bern
and is CEO of Changels. He's a coached and trained over 15,000 leaders and entrepreneurs. He works within leadership culture, organisational development and change. He is also an international community builder, a Council Guide, a talent scout and a commercial helicopter pilot!!