Living Social Innovation: Labs for bottom-up and top-down city making (Thieu Besselink - Netherlands)

Its no doubt that wonder and curiosity are part of the human code. We constantly explore and reinvent the world around us. But do we thrive in this constant change? Do we move closer or further away from serving the human needs?

We are happy to announce Thieu Besselink to the Agenda! Through a workshop, he will be diving into social change labs and how to create them from human needs through local initiatives!

Thieu is building a lab for social economic change in the Netherlands to create an "open city of value and shared ownership", based on the cooperation between local cooperatives and citizen initiatives on the one hand and the government and business on the other.

Thieu Besselink is founder of the Learning Lab and urban sociologist. He develops small and large scale labs for social innovation in education, organisational redesign, and city development. He is also currently curating the Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning on in Amsterdam (