Reform or Revolution: How to bring educational change? (David Jul - Denmark)

The World is changing so fast. Yet, we have such a hard time changing the systems that no longer benefit us. What does it take to change our perception of education and learning? How to set free the learner? Do we need rebels to build alternatives, or reforms from the inside of our current systems? Many of us care about the development of education and our perception of learning. Lets investigate it together!

David Jul will be hosting a conversation lounge on the topic of learning and education. He will introduce the session and facilitate it.

David works as an independent process consultant, working to support people, in enabling themselves to do more important work, that is anchored in their daily practice. David works to address the way we perceive our work, and the way we work together, to help organizations perform better and support individuals in thriving. He has a deep urge and desire to work towards a more sustainable world.