Scarcity and Abundance - A string of aha moments (Nynne Nørgaard - Denmark)

Why do students and executives mismanage their time so much?
Why are sugarcane farmers smarter after harvest than before? 

But Nynne in fact knows the answer, and it is scarcity! 

Nynne Nørgaard will be hosting a workshop on "Scarcity and Abundance - A string of aha moments". Where she will host a workshop on exploring how scarcity steals our mental capacity and how to use it to bring our problems of modern life into focus. By using this mindset she will begin to look at the other side of coin where the abundant mindset lies! Olala

Nynne is an Kaospilot from Switzerland, entrepreneur, certified coach, professional trainer and process consultant. She is fascinated by exploring and understanding individuals, groups, languages and cultures in all levels and aspects. How do they function? How do they not function? Why is that? Her aim is to support people in being the best as they can be – as individuals and as groups, in their private sphere and in their work life?