The Art of Play: Playing the game of life (Gabi Linde - Germany)

Why do people behave the way they behave? 
Why do I have certain hobbies, interests, occupations and am attracted to certain occupations? 
How different and how similar am I to others? Why can I work well in one team and worse in another?

Gabi Linde will be hosting a workshop on "The Art of Play". Participants will find out what their natural play personality is, based on the 8 play personality archetypes developed by Stewart Brown. They will learn what motivates and drives them - and others -, what gets them “shiny eyes” and how their play personality affects their personal and professional life and relationships.


Gabi Linde is an experiential educator, game runner, lecturer and teaching artist. She is an advocate for play, and has recently founded HiddenCampus, an organisation that creates and discovers hidden playgrounds (campus means playground in Latin) - playful spaces of learning and experiencing - in which people grow.

She worked for 15 years in the music industry in marketing, coordination, and events, and holds an MBA in Marketing. Since 2014 she has collaborated with and worked at several play festivals & events, including: Playpublik, Krakow (PL); 72 Hours Interaction, Witten (DE); Counterplay, Aarhus (DK). She was a presenting artist at playin’ siegen, Siegen (DE), and teaching artist at game design camps for the youth with PASCH / Goethe Institut South America in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia