OUR BOdies hidden secrets (Julie Krog - Denmark)

We have heads. We use them to sense. To think. To learn and judge. We are tremendous containers of big thoughts. Ideas, dreams, visions and emotions like happiness and fear. They play their beautiful little intertwined and noisy game with each other.

But sometimes we need to shout. Exaggeratedly scream. We need to connect with what holds our heads: A beautiful, powerful body which we sometimes tend to forget, because we moved in to the upper floor some years ago.

During this talk, we shall reconnect with what holds our head up high.

Sometimes you cannot breath freely.

Sometimes you feel a lump in the throat.

Sometimes your voice becomes shrill, high-pitched and piercing.

Why is all this happening in this exact region? Because this is the highway that connects head and body, where we once in a while have a roadblock.

We have to untie this little knot. Open the throat, so that our voice, breath, thoughts and actions can float freely and in alignment with what our body tells us.