Avoid the Apocalypse - Learn to design your holistic self (Alisa & Olga Hentze - Denmark)

We make mistakes because we cannot look at our environment in a holistic way. We dont see things as they are, but rather we see them as we are. When we learn to see things as they are, we make better choices and can become better learning human beings.

Is there a paradox in how we look at the aspect of change? In this session Olga & Alisa are going to look into our relationship with ourselves to see the cycle between our mind (thinking), actions (habits) and the impact we create. We will explore methods that can motivate us to be the change we want to see.

Olga Hentze is a Holistic Therapies with 35 years experience working with Mind Body Balance, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Energetic natural medicine. She has supported many people in transforming their lifestyles by adapting healthier habits and establishing balance, which has helped them be free from illnesses. 'What gives me energy is my love for life and taking actions for making change instead of just dreaming about it. I wonder about the conflicts within the human thinking.'

Alisa Hentze is a Experience designer working with creating spaces that help us explore our humanity. Recently a Kaospilot graduate who has been working for 7 years to facilitate and design spaces that bring people together to connect. 'What gives me energy is humble kind connection with people. I wonder about how we can take actions to solve our current systemic challenges'