Life is like a movie (Stoyan Yankov - Bulgaria)

We all have amazing potential, but many are scared to dream big. Or we fail in doing the planning right. Or even if that is done - we do not take any action to move and create amazing things. Everyone can relate to a metaphor of MOVIE MAKING. Given that frame puts people at ease, and allows them to see their life from a perspective and imagine their dream movie and the hero they want to be. As creators we all need inspiration to imagine!

This Interactive and inspirational talk is an invitation to take charge and start living our lives like the movie we want to be the hero of. The content includes a number of real-life examples from Stoyan's experience as a movie producer, and offers a 7-step action plan on how to design the life we want to have.

Stoyan is an entrepreneur, movie producer, keynote speaker and productivity coach. He is co-owner of the video production house - Level Up Pictures. He has produced over 200 video and film projects and won a number of awards. He gets gets energy from working on great creative projects, meeting inspiring people