The Human Refuelling Station - Ehamma Healing (Emma Mastad - Sweden)

Human beings consist of both body and mind. We tend to fly far up in the sky and keeping a high speed when managing/co-creating larger social events. Emma believes that if we re-connect to our bodies and senses we will hold a larger capacity to be fully present and continue to contribute and create together with all the others. Stress does not bring any good in an experience! We want to be loving towards ourselves and thus towards Earth as we are all a part of the whole.

This is an installation where participants can get a 15-20 minutes refuel in a beautiful and intimate and slow moving corner. A short moment of total relaxation and getting down in the body after buzzing around Agenda. Its a little oasis in the twirling moving surroundings.

I am Emma and at this time I am evolving my knowledge in Nature Medicine. I am working as a singer, a healer and intuitive spiritual guide. I am a Kaos Pilot. Educated Reiki Healer. I get energy from giving and living my deeper life intention- singing, healing, working with personal peace and peace between man and woman. I wonder about the opening of the heart so that I and we more easily can connect to it and listen to it and act upon that which makes us come alive.