We Belong to the Earth (Ramona August - Romania)

This film screening explores the establishment of the first intentional communities that stretch back over two millennia ago, with notable examples such the ancient Greek commune based on vegetarianism and equality of the sexes founded by Pythagoras in the sixth century BCE. Set in the 40-years old Welsh village of Tipi Valley, the film explores quotidian life in such a community, revealing the residents' reflections about the surrounding world and questioning the community's future.

Ramona August was born on February 10th, in Bucharest, Romania. She is an ethnographic filmmaker based in Aarhus, Denmark, where she has recently graduated in Anthropology. Blending together documentary film and social analysis, her practice draws from an intention to explore visual and sensorial dimensions in anthropological research. Most of her work, both in film and writing, has focused on environmentalism.