A new approach to digital, culture and people (Mick Cordero & Måns Adler - SE) 

ustwo share their story on how the right approach to digital, culture and people is the stepping stone toward becoming one of the worlds best leading digital product studios. ustwo is a global digital product studio dreaming and doing transformative client, own product and venture work. Their goal is simply the best work environment, with a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Whether doing innovative work for clients, bringing own ideas to award-winning life, or launching disruptive new businesses, ustwo has never done normal. Over the last 12 years they have grown, and there are now four unique ustwo studios around the world – in London, New York, Malmö and Sydney.


Mick Cordero is Head of Business at ustwo, leading the studios commercial activities as well as drives strategy and direction for the Nordics studio. He has a background as a Kaospilot, entrepreneur, facilitator and leadership consultant. 

Måns Adler is the Tech Director at ustwo Nordics, former Kaospilot and founder of Bambuser.com. Loves his job and is a true believer in digital.