Athletic Progression (Ole Koefoed Larsen <-> Justo Gambula <-> Jonas Cook <-> Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen <-> + Guest features - DENMARK)

Athletic Progression plays atmospheric jazz-hop that lets the listener linger, but also makes you move while nodding along to groovy beats.

The instrumental group, Athletic Progression consists of four young people from Aarhus that embraces the jazz, soul and rhythm of hip hop. By mixing these elements they create a sound with many facets, but with a generally relaxed feel and a playful approach where rhythm and atmospheric harmonies merges.

The boys gets alot of their inspiration from the nineties Neo Soul and the American producer J Dilla, where especially the latter's musical style is a landmark.

An extra dimension to the groups expression is added by MC’s and singers, creating a soulful and groovy universe, that belongs as much to Aarhus as to Detroit.