MEASURING WHAT MATTERS (Mick Cordero & Zofi Holgerson - Sweden)

Ustwo Nordics invites you to a masterclass where we will explore the why, what and how of measuring success beyond money. What are the drivers that keeps your business going forward and how are you able to identify them with your team? Is it possible setting projects and products up for success by other kinds of measurements than the usual ones? Does that motivate and liberate creativity within the team? Can it lead to better collaborations and expectation management? This is our belief and experience. We’ll share our stories and invite you to explore what it means to you in your specific context.     


Zofi Holgerson is a Team Coach, Learning designer and facilitator at ustwo Nordics. She designs and leads collaborative processes with big international brands as well as smaller companies. 

Mick Cordero is Head of Business at ustwo, leading the studios commercial activities as well as drives strategy and direction for the Nordics studio. He has a background as a Kaospilot, entrepreneur, facilitator and leadership consultant.