UMBAU = ALCHEMY - the calling for more than the NEW (William Tate - USA)

William Tate is a practicing architect and professor in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and has been a long-standing American member of the AAAS. He was educated at Wake Forest University and Virginia Tech, and worked with the Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta. A full-time associate professor at James Madison University, he teaches architecture studios and history of architecture and design. Tate has worked to create an experimental laboratory for architecture called, Umbau. Umbau currently has a summer studio in Vienna, Austria, from which the name comes. The Umbau mind is to create a new organism that can shift speeds, flank obstacles, and overcome friction. Umbau thrives on links and memes.

This talk is about the calling for more than the NEW.  The call to the NEVER BEFORE. Umbau is a living question.  We probe.  We RE-define.  We flank.  We deep intuite. We subvert.  We fly into the unknown. With your help, we will crack it open. This talk will be a CROWBAR into wonder.