Redefining the artistic medium: Drawing in Virtual Reality vs. Drawing in Reality (Daniel van der Noon - United Kingdom / Denmark)

A talk about the fluidity of drawing as an artistic medium.

Originally from Birmingham, United Kingdom and now based in Copenhagen; Daniel’s drawings have appeared in Politiken, on the walls of Bjarke Ingels HQ and featured in a collaboration with Mads Nørgaard that will be released early 2017.

In this talk and experiment by Daniel van der Noon, he will explore the necessity of approaching drawing – and indeed all artistic mediums of expression - as a fluid, elastic and ultimately undefined, free from any given set of rules. Using VR as an example of how the arrival of new available technologies can act as springboards to further develop our definitions of artistic mediums. Daniel will run through some speculative ideas as to what the future of drawing holds. 

There will also be an active experiment during the festival exploring the cross section of artistic expression and virtual reality. keep your eyes open!

Daniel is consumed by the process of drawing - and its innate ability to constantly open up new solutions, aesthetic arrangements and visual reactions to our environment - on paper, anything can be imagined possible; cats can fly, buildings can be erected on the surface of Mars, and a future can be imagined that parallels your own dreams. The more you draw, the more you see. Galaxies of stories are born before your eyes, restricted only by the time you invest in their creation.

The driving force behind drawing, as a medium, is the determination to seek out new means of image making and inventing new processes. Put short, there is no fixed definition; the field is wiiiiiiiiiiiide open.