Radical Rethinking of the Museum Experience (Marianne Grymer Bargeman - Denmark)

Whats is the future of museums? well Art is social and ARoS Public is radically rethinking the museum experience. Marianne Grymer Bargeman, Director of Learning and Interpretation at ARoS Art Museum, will host a talk exploring the future of the museum experience and the new approach to open studios, salons, and immersive activities at museums, using ARoS as her story

In October 2016, ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark will unveil ARoS Public, a radical rethinking of the museum experience. Occupying the entire third floor of the museum, the space will offer a new approach to open studios, salons, and three immersive activities designed by Local Projects in New York. The reinvention builds upon a clear strategy—that the museum exists first and foremost to incite unique, memorable, provocative conversations among visitors. ARoS Public challenges the traditional belief that art is important whether the audience is there or not. With ARoS Public, we declare that art is for all people and is most valuable when it catalyzes new forms of social interaction.

Rather than artwork being simply static objects to be gazed upon, ARoS Public uses technology to put works in the collection in the hands of visitors, prompting new forms of expression and creation from visitors. These experiences were designed to be both playful and insightful, showing that adults can have smart fun.

Marianne Grymer Bargeman is also a member of the KaosPilot board, author of children’s books and external examiner at Communications and Performance Design at Roskilde University (RUC).