Sensuous Wonder - A workshop in Human Specific Performance Art (Stinne Vium - Denmark)

Stinne Vium will host a workshop to facilitate authentic meetings between individuals and their stories. The ambition of this facilitation is to create openness, creativity and vulnerability in mutual exchange. An exchange that happening in the present of `here and now ́. It takes it ́s departure in human specific performance art and sensuous wonder. Cantabile 2 theatre describes human specific performance art like this: “In the frame of human specific performance art, the authentic meetings, interactions and stories are being explored in a sensuous communication and aesthetic universe. Human Specific performance art operate with the combination of the universal world and the personal world. By working with our own narratives, memories and other associative mechanisms in humans.” Visiting the sensuous wonder workshop, you will discover that it was all about you.

Stinne Vium is a Kaospilot with a foundation in theatre and artistic entrepreneurship. She has worked at the Theatre folk high school - Rødkilde, and as a process leader at the Danish Royal Theatre together with the Theatre Pilots. She has started up an international artist collective together with 12 artists named Doglevel, that did a one year interdisciplinary art expedition to Norway, China, Tanzania and Copenhagen. She is currently co-partner and process leader at Born Poets, that work with poetic city processes for villages in Denmark. She has also worked as a lecturer and project leader for the safe sex caravan traveling around at Danish youth educations.