Kaospilot, artist manager, booking agent, DJ and festival promotor Johanna Beckman will be joining Agenda Festival, hosting both a workshop and talk. 

Gagnef Festival from Sweden will be used a case study, which has been a prominent force in the Swedish festival, being more of a hybrid festival but with elements of participatory work. This talk is a story about why the concept of wonder can bring people together in a age of living our lives online. Why are these moments of joy, coming together in this way important right now?

Later this will flow into a workshop about participatory festivals and how they are amazing catalysts in generating cultural clusters

Gagnef festival started as the festival general, Mattias Norström's 30th birthday party in 2001. His friends that consisted of some of Swedens most interesting musicians and visuals artists came and played in the extremely beautiful Ängsholns Folkpark in what is concidered to be the most traditional Sweden, Dalarna. Since then Gagnef has become the yearly summer must be for 2 generations of people that wants to go beyond the mainstream. Skankaloss Kulturförening that organizes the festival have always wanted to find the music that doesnt get the chance to be played everywhere else, make place for interactive art, let people find wonder in nature. There is something magical about this place. Can we find out what it is? Why has this festival been able to live for 15 years and not having money as the force for living. It has grown from having 200 people to 2500 but have kept that feeling of being small. What is the secret? Can we even find out?

Johanna Beckman. Kaospilot alumni from team 7, graduated in 2003. I have since then been working with music in different ways. As a manager, booking agent, DJ, festival and concert promotor, curating and programming. My interest have always been to find the new, the future of music. I am a very curious person that try to stay young. I run the music booking & production and is a member of the board of Gagnef Festival. I also work as creative director for the venue Nobelberget in Stockholm where we can take from 150-3000 capacity of people and I book the swedish artists for the norwegian festival By:Larm, curator for Redbull Soundselect among other things.