A Chat About Life: The Choreography and Discipline of Injecting Art & Culture into Your World (Andy Stefanovich - USA)

This talk is a talk about Life. The idea of injecting and inserting more life into your own life and your organizations life.  It's about the choreography and disciple of art and culture into your world as a source of inspiration and reflection. It's about seeing, connecting, sensing, and creating.  

Why now?  We are inundated with technology, pressures and trying to compete in commoditized categories.  It's about differentiation, relevance and impact. Its about putting more life in your life.  

Andy has earned a reputation as one of the most disruptive and effective advisors in business. He is a thought leader and thinking partner to executives and their most critical ideas.

Driving growth and change for Fortune 50 leaders, mid-cap companies, and adventurous entrepreneurs, Andy’s dramatic results can be seen everywhere. He has provided strategy for the leadership of companies such as GE, Disney, Gap, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Bass Pro, Equifax, and Hilton. With equal passion and rigor, Andy provides his expertise to socially-conscious start-ups that positively impact our world.

His book, “Look at More: A Proven Approach to Innovation, Growth and Change”, was a Washington Post bestseller and cited by Advertising Agency as a “top ten marketing book” must read.

Andy truly forces executives to look at more, gain a different perspective, lead an inspired life, generate ideas, purposefully disrupt conventional patterns, and ultimately, drive innovation forward.