Sharing Creative Works Without Losing Them: Have Your Cake and Eat It To (Siri Reiter /Jonas Smedegaard - Denmark)

Any society is held together by rules - whether written down or not. Acknowledging the rules you live by - respect and want others to respect - is crucial for a thriving society.

We love that others share - so that we can profit from their works. Exploit thoughts of others. Bypass failures they went through. Get even better ideas ourselves.

This is talk will highlight how to pick the "correct" license for your work? Plenty of guides exist you can follow, and lawyers up for hire, but what do  you  want? Ethics and visions is one thing, another is how to approach this concretely in each case.

Siri Reiter is a graphics designer using Libre graphics tools for 10+ years. Jonas Smedegaard - better known as dr. Jones - is an idealist and internet architect - and creator and developer of Homebase, the computer system at the Kaospilot school. Together they are Couchdesign, exploring sustainable design and technology from their big, red couch in the island of Orø, Denmark.