Building Organization Culture (Karolina Andersson - Denmark)

“Building organization culture” is a co-creation event where we dive into how to build culture in an organization. We'll explore and ask ourselves what the building blocks are to create a business that's responsive and engages its members in today's increasingly complex environment.


We've moved far away from the factory floors of the industrial age, but many organizations still operate in a similar manner trying to predict and control and enforcing hierarchies. In the digital age responsiveness, transparency and culture play key roles in how an organization keeps on thriving in an ever-changing landscape. Still, 68% of the workforce are disengaged at their jobs and it's clear that there's a strong need to redesign the way we work to create a culture that's engaging and provides value.

Karolina Andersson is a culture facilitator and innovation strategist with an MA in Digital Media Management from Hyper Island. She's researched culture building in startups in New York where she got together with founders, accelerators and organizational consultants to build a framework for building organizational culture. Supporting businesses and teams to innovate and work better together is where she thrives and she's facilitated workshops at Geek Girl Meetup and Hyper Island on rapid ideating and research.