Content creators, here is your Overview!

The following page details what you need to know regarding Agenda Festival


All content creators must sign up for a ticket. All content creators also get an extra ticket to give to another human.  Use this code for both you and your +1. AGENDA-CREATOR.



2. a new window will pop up, click “enter discount code”


4. click the green button

5. enter details and submit


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 AGENDA Principles & experience design

AGENDA is built on the following principles

1. Enable interaction, participation and collaboration

2. Design constructive confrontations

3. Expose multiple perspectives

4. Welcome diversity and include others

5. Promote extraordinary ideas and meaningful projects

6. Communicate clearly and with purpose

7. Welcome and see people as their full selves

8. Share what makes you think and highlight new content

9. Remember it is a learning journey

10. There are no stupid questions

11. Remember rule nr. 6 - don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously

12. Breath, be present and smile.


10-ish things TO DO IN Aarhus, recommended by Kaospilots

  1. Grab a late night durum at Shawarma King - Say yes to chilli & garlic.

  2. Go to Godsbanen

  3. Have coffee on a big boat on the water at Bådcafeen

  4. Devourer a pepperoni slice at Ali Baba with too much dressing

  5. Visit Aros - enjoy the rainbow and see amazing exhibitions

  6. Check out Moesgaard Museum

  7. Hit Bakery 24 - Musli bun + Natural Brie + Mandarin marmalade

  8. Grab a coffee at La Capra and chat with the Aussie

  9. Get food at Oli Nico (angry french dude) bring it to RisRas and eat it over a game of Backgammon to the sound of Hendrix.

  10. Go for a walk by the old cemetery at Trøjborg and think about the design for your own funeral and be thankful that you’re still alive

  11. See Dokk1 (voted the best library on the world) to feel hypermodern and connected.

  12. Last but not least go for the most beautiful walk in Marselisborg skov and enjoy the changing colors of the fall.

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All AGENDA’s content creators are equal. Everyone gets the same special treatment :)

  • Transport We cover up to 1.000DKK of your transport and/or accommodation. Just remember to send all recites to

  • Supplies: Pens, paper, post-it’s, projectors, speakers and those schools-have-it things, we got that covered!

  • Hosts: During the AGENDA week you will be contacted by your AGENDA host. Each content creator get’s a host that will take care of them during the two days. Meaning, they make sure that your requested things are in order, you know where to go and when. Whatever you need, ask them.

  • Language: The spoken language at AGENDA festival is english. One of AGENDA principles is to welcome diversity and be inclusive. Therefor all talks and workshops are in english. We encourage everyone to be mindful and inviting to others and speak a common language throughout the two days.

  • Documentation policy: We intend on documenting the talks, workshop and installations during the two days. We have photographers, a video crew and some journalists that will document before and during the festival. We will be very respectful and mindful about our presence so we don’t interrupt your session. The content generated will be used commercially to give a glimpse into AGENDA festival. If you prefer, for any reason, to not be seen in the material please let us know and we’ll work around it.

  • A special introduction to the school and it’s staff:On the third floor of the building, in which the festival takes place, there will be members of the Kasopilot organisation ready to welcome you and answer your questions regarding the education, it’s curriculum and/or organisation.


About Aarhus and the venue location

Aarhus has been chosen as the culture capital of Europe in 2017:

Aarhus is nr. 13 on the NYtimes list of places to visit in 2016:

The Festival is hosted by Kaospilot who is celebrating 25 years of radical learning and educating professional rebels. For more information:

The Venue is hosted at Filmbyen or the film city. Located on Aarhus harbour.

Filmbyen’s coordinates: Latitude:56.15095222   Longitude:10.2133584 Sea level: 3m





As a part of the 25th anniversary Kaospilot is throwing one of their biggest experiential parties ever in Filmbyen. Not to be missed! Write to to get on the list!


Friday bar and concert 

On the Friday between 15:00 - 17:00 there will be an open bar as part of Kaospilot’s 25th anniversary reception which to whom you’re all invited to an can bring anyone and everyone! We also end off with a beautiful live performance by Axel Flovent - One of Iceland’s most prominent artists.

Share and promote

We encourage you to share and promote this event and support it using your channels in anyway you can. We will be forever grateful if you include our hashtags #agendafestival #feedyourheadwithwonder #af16