It's for the Lifelong Learner who wants:

  • To equip themselves with new knowledge and radical ways of learning for the 21st century.

  • To be exposed to the world of disruptive educations and gain ideas on crafting your own progressive lifelong learning curriculum.

  • To gain a sense of belonging, a sense of skill, a sense of self and sense of navigating the future

For the Progressive schools and radical students who need:

  • To unite with other disruptive educators and radical learners from around the world

  • To experience rich cross-disciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing and experiments in progressive ideas for future lifelong learning.

  • To share and learn from each other as part of a community, leaving with a united network, potential projects and future collaborations.

For the business or organisation that seeks:

  • Inspiration, creative practices and innovative ideas that create value

  • dynamic capability and new ways of educating and growing staff.

  • To foster creative cultures that inspires individuals to learn and take action.

  • To experience new and important skills, tools and mindsets for the 21st century